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The Fascinating King

The Fascinating King

The Fascinating King's Gambit. Thomas Johansson

The Fascinating King's Gambit

ISBN: 9781412046473 | 216 pages | 6 Mb

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The Fascinating King's Gambit Thomas Johansson
Publisher: Trafford Publishing

It was favored by Fischer and Spassky, so it must have some merit. Boris Avrukh GM Repertoire 8 – The Grunfeld Defence LATER. I hope that the quality and layout will surpass Thomas Johansson's “The Fascinating King's Gambit” which is till now the best treatment of Bishop's Fischer's Gambit with 3Bc4, and not 3Nf3. John Shaw The King's Gambit LATER. Âングズ ギャンビット、古くから存在するオープニングの1つ。 大別すると 2exf4 とする King's Gambit Accepted と 2exf4 としない King's Gambit Declined に分けられる。 今日、マスターレベルで使われることは稀であるが、 . Nc3, which is the move recommended by Thomas Johansson in The Fascinating King's Gambit. Este es el caso del sorprendente libro The Fascinating King's Gambit. What about the King's Bishop Gambit? The Fascinating King's Gambit: A Repertoire for the 21st Century. Karpov's Strategic Wins: Volume 2 – 1986 – 2009. Bb3 c4 13.dxc4 bxc4 14.Ba4 などと続く。 参考文献. Till present day the best book seems written by Thomas Johansson "The Fascinating King's Gambit" which deals unfortunately/happily with Fischer's Bc4 line. Milos Pavlovic The Cutting Edge 2 – The Najdorf Sicilian .. I also heard that "The Fascinating King's Gambit" is a good book. It could be Bc4 d6, Thomas Johansson in his highly inspiring "The Fascinating King's Gambit" gives (A) 4.